Coffee Quarantine Kit

Have you gotten into at least one altercation over the last pack of TP at the grocery store this week? Are you concerned that being stuck at home with your spouse, rowdy children, and whiny pets for at least 2 weeks may drive you insane? Has COVID-19 made you worry about poop more than you’d like to admit? Listen, we at Pedal Java hate this mess just as much as you. And, we’re really concerned that you are going to run out of coffee and commit a crime in these hard times.

To keep you out of jail and smiling with your family, we have a solution! Introducing our CAFFEINE QUARANTINE KIT. Choose your favorite variety of fresh locally roasted coffee, throw in 32 ounces of our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe cold brew, your choice of Mocha, Caramel, or Vanilla and include some tasty extras like stickers, a free travel cup, whipped cream and drizzle, fo shizzle! Only $49 while supplies last! Available for local pickup and free delivery in Knoxville! If you add this to your cart it will appear it can be shipped but trust me, it cannot. So only purchase this is you are local to Knoxville and can pick up off Inskip Drive in Northwest Knoxville, OR you can give me an address to deliver in Knoxville!

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Price: $49.00