Coffee Perks (catering kit for up to 20 people)

Would you like to reward your employees and increase their productivity for the day? Are you planning a small wedding in 2020 and want a special treat for guests? Are you a member of a PTA and would like to treat teachers to a coffee for their hard work? 2020 has been a difficult year to show appreciation to the groups of people we love and rely on in our everyday lives.

At Pedal Java, we don’t have the solution for the world’s problems, but we do have a treat to make the struggle a little easier to swallow. Introducing: Coffee Perks! Coffee Perks is our new drop-off catering kit for up to 20 people. It includes hot coffee, cold brewed coffee, Monin vanilla syrup, Ghirardelli caramel sauce, Hershey chocolate sauce, sugar and artificial sweeteners, cups, lids, straws, milk, and ice...basically everything you need to DIY your own coffee drinks for only $149!

This is the perfect package for your employees, work meetings, weddings, small parties, or just to reward a group of people you love! The possibilities are endlessly, and we are happy to customize something special for dietary restrictions or a group larger than 20 people. Available for a limited time only!

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