Cold Brew Containment Kit

Are you a cold brew enthusiast? Do you have too much blood in your caffeine system at the moment? We have your solution! Cold brew is the smooth, mellow, yet highly caffeinated cousin of espresso. It’s low in acidity, and is great over ice or in frozen beverages.

Purchase your cold brew containment kit for only $49 and we will drop it on your doorstep anywhere in Knoxville Tennessee! Included you will get 2 pounds of fresh locally-roasted coffee (Ethiopian Yirgacheffe & Costa Rican Tarrazu), a bodum brewer, and cane/agave simple syrup to sweeten your tasty concoctions. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer are luxuries in today’s world y’all—your coffee doesn’t have to be.
This kit is 100% NOT SHIPPABLE! Please don’t purchase this is you don’t like in the Knoxville Area. We’ll have to refund your purchase and it’ll take days and we eat the fees. Local Knoxville Area folks only! Pickups also available by appointment! Email us at to arrange!

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SKU: Cbck01
Price: $49.00