Stir Package

Thin and delicate, the perfect weight and length.
This is Mrs. Pedal Java‘s favorite spoon. It features a braided handle, two gram counterweight and a small/medium blade. The angle of the blade is perfect for either mixing, gentle muddling, or scooping. This will become your prize spoon and every time you use it, you will say those words. You’ll keep it high on a shelf because your toddler or some other adult cretin will use it to forcefully and bend it.
You also get your choice of 16 ounce coffee, single origin, flavored or espresso! All fresh roasted in Knoxville Tennessee and delivered to your door anywhere in the country.
Finally, your choice of Ghirardelli sauce either mocha, caramel or white chocolate. You will always stir, because you are not a lazy barista.

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Price: $32.00
If you live outside Knox County TN you MUST choose "Shipped"
Weight: 3 lb